Clinical intelligence that supports the full lifecycle of hybrid care

Codex Foresight

Codex Foresight™ is a clinical intelligence application designed for healthcare providers with capabilities spanning remote patient monitoring, cohort discovery, analytics, and clinical decision support.


Allie™ is a mobile app to facilitate remote monitoring and patient engagement. Allie supports highly individualized care plans and personalized medicine.

Next-generation population health management
Foresight unlocks the power of AI coupled with clinical guidelines to enhance patient care with personalized guidance and recommendations. Perform fine-grained cohort discovery, identify and stratify at-risk patients for proactive interventions. Population-level analytics and insights at health system, clinic, and provider-level offer deep visibility.
Scalable and extensible virtual care
Our virtual care solution synthesizes patient data obtained through Allie with analytics in Foresight to highlight the patients most in-need of attention, leveraging a combination of algorithms and clinical criteria. Licensed clinicians at Codex augment and extend providers and provide a continuum of care in a highly scalable manner.
Personalized care
Highly customizable care plans for major chronic disease pathways coupled with AI-enabled personalization to drive engagement and adherence. Broad support for wearables and devices enables frictionless remote monitoring.
EHR Integration
Foresight is integrated with Epic and Cerner EHR systems and any FHIR-based EHR. Patient-sourced data is fully incorporated within the EHR allowing providers to retain their workflows.
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