Improve the quality & efficiency of patient care

Codex develops clinical intelligence solutions for healthcare providers to bring the power of data-driven decision making into healthcare workflows.

Our products synthesize multiple information sources, and use powerful algorithms and AI to provide analytics and insights that apply all the way from population health to the individual patient.

Our goal is to facilitate proactive care to improve patient outcomes and lower costs.

Our Team

Codex has assembled a world-class interdisciplinary team of engineers, data scientists, designers and medical professionals who are experts in their domains, and are highly mission-oriented in how they choose to apply their strengths.


Murari Srinivasan, Ph.D.
Co-founder & CEO
Srini Akkaraju, M.D., Ph.D.
Co-founder & Exec. Chairman
David Bliss
SVP, Business Development
Zane Silver
Head of Engineering
Shailo Rao, Ph.D.
Head of Product & Design
Steven Lin, M.D.
VP Health Sciences


Andrew Gilbert
Donald Jones
David Kao, M.D.


Sharon Darmawan
Software Engineer
Joshua Gomes
Software Engineer
Stephanie Heinsohn
Business Operations
Justin Kodama
Adrian Lemaigre
Data Scientist
Noah Mirzakhanian
Software Engineer
Cillian O’Mongain
Anthony Severo
Customer Success
David Shi
Software Engineer
Yury Staravoitau
Software Engineer
Molly Strasser
Data Scientist
Laura Taylor
Software Engineer
Yash Wani
Software Engineer
Antoine Wegrowski, Ph.D.
Data Scientist
Eli Wopat
Software Engineer
Ziqi Xiao
Software Engineer
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