Codex Health Delivers Disease Management with
AI-powered Clinical Intelligence

Enabling the full life-cycle of care from the Clinic to the Home

Our products enable healthcare organizations to deliver better outcomes, reduce costs, and improve the overall patient experience.

A Modern Approach to Chronic Disease Management

Take charge of your health with a new personalized approach to chronic disease management that is seamlessly linked to your care team.

Next-generation population health management

Deep personalized clinical insights and guideline-driven actionable recommendations enable a comprehensive approach to population health management.

Equip patients
to be their best

Support patients in their self-care journey with easy-to-use personalized experiences.

proactive care

Precisely identify at-risk patients and manage them proactively, mitigating adverse events and enabling targeted and timely care in the outpatient setting.

Deliver scalable continuous & asynchronous care

Extend clinical care into the patient’s daily life without friction, enabling decision-making with rich, longitudinal data.
Maximize revenue by optimizing your patients’ outcomes
Embrace risk-based contracts with confidence based on deep clinical and operational visibility into risk and outcomes.

See how our solution can transform your health system