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Codex Health is a mission-driven company aiming to build modern, powerful, and intuitive products to enable healthcare providers to deliver the best outcomes to patients.

We care passionately about the culture we're building within our company in service of this mission and we want to empower you to fulfill your personal and professional goals.

You'll be part of a diverse, world-class team spanning technology, engineering, medicine, and design in a stimulating environment that supports your intellectual growth.

Join us and we promise you the most fulfilling years of your career, doing life-changing work in a fun, inventive, and purposeful culture.

Interested but don’t see the perfect job description?

If you're intrigued by our mission and work, please reach out even if your background doesn’t fully align with the listed positions.

Working at Codex

This is probably the most common question we get from candidates - along with some variant of “What does your typical day look like?” While you’re certainly welcome to ask these questions during your interview, we thought we’d save you time to ask some deeper questions by trying to answer this here.

Work-Life Balance

We’re an early-stage startup. While the business needs mean we can’t promise you a regular 40-hour workweek, we respect weekends, vacations, and life outside of work.

We believe that Codex should serve its customers and employees long term - and that begins with ensuring employee burnout isn’t a part of our employee life. Improving patient health outcomes is a difficult, long-term aspiration. This means we have to create a workplace that values long-term thinking, with near-term results that doesn’t sacrifice employees’ well-being.

Hybrid-Remote Work

We recognize that the ability to work remotely is an employee benefit that significantly influences knowledge-workers' lifestyles. It can define our quality of life. We’ve found that many employees regularly come into the office at least two times a week, with months-long stretches of fully remote work.

While the hybrid work environment creates its own set of challenges (necessitating disciplined communication, building a shared context, maintaining a sense of connectedness, etc.), we see these as opportunities. We understand that traditional, in-office work environments were not the most inclusive spaces. Thus, we believe that hybrid remote work helps promote a diversified workforce with benefits and opportunities that far outweigh its challenges.